Success as Alltech Indonesia organise 26th APLT

23-01-2013 | |
Success as Alltech Indonesia organise 26th APLT
Success as Alltech Indonesia organise 26th APLT

Alltech Indonesia has recently successfully organised Alltech’s 26th Asia Pacific Lecture Tour (APLT) in Jakarta. This event was attended by approximately 100 participants from industry, academia, and government.

The theme of Alltech’s 26th APLT was “Stay curious – Can advanced technology deliver on EPS (Efficiency, Profitability and Sustainability)”. This theme covered many topics such as: curious about nutritional breakthroughs and solutions?, curious about your carbon footprint?, curious about a natural, pure, sustainable source of fatty acids and high quality proteins?, and curious about branding and building profits from the core?

Asia Pacific quality manager of Alltech Tara Jarman said three global problems of animal agricultural industry, such as raw material costs that continue to rise, limited raw material supply and quality of raw materials associated with mycotoxins.

But Jarman said, “Problems  should be seen as opportunities, you need to look at them from a different perspective.” And against the three global problems, Jarman also offered three opportunities, such as unlock feed’s potential with SSF, algae is the raw material of the future, and Mycosorb including 37+ and Miko can help remediate poor quality raw materials.

While Asia Pacific marketing manager of Alltech Roland Matyasi reviewed the importance of branding in animal agricultural industry. He also mentioned some well-known brands such as Nestle, Danone, VW, McDonalds, and Microsoft. From these famous brands, he said, it could be concluded that branding can enhance customer loyalty, increase sales prices and volumes, and affect economies of scale.

In theory, Matyasi said, “There are eight principles of branding: what is your purpose?, be different, surprise and delight, be consistent, implement relentlessly, identify opportunities, embrace new technology, and the brand from within.” Equally important of branding is story. Stories are how people connect, are what people remember, are how people learn, and are what people share.

Summing up, Asia Pacific director of Alltech Matthew Smith said, “We have to face those global problems together. The key, we should be able to adjust and always had a curiosity, as well as embracing new and changing technology, such as gene chips.”

Arief Fachrudin News correspondent Asia