This week’s feed industry highlights

21-09-2016 | |
Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock

Expansion, product launches and new company names. The international feed industry is a dynamic sector. All About Feed wraps up this week’s business and company news.

TIMAB Phosphates is now Phosphea

Feed phosphate producer TIMAB Phosphates is changing its name to Phosphea.

The company is European leader and the second biggest producer worldwide. Phosphea is a subsidiary of Groupe Roullier and operates in over 100 countries worldwide. Turnover is around €300 million per year. Photo: Phosphea

A-Systems launches its new formulation software

French software company A-Systems will officially launch Allix3, its new formulation software, at the upcoming EuroTier in November.

This week’s feed industry highlights

This new software was rewritten and redesigned to take into account the huge progress of the informatics tools, providing flexibility of use and easy integration in any computer environments. This is why the software is opened to the web to allow easy and secure data exchange. Allix3 enables new non-linear optimisation models and considers the raw material flows in feed manufacturers in order to optimise purchases to name but a few features. Photo: A Systems

Diamond V plans for major expansion

Diamond V plans to expand manufacturing capacity to support the increased production of natural, nutritional health products for animals. Plans call for the current manufacturing complex in Cedar Rapids, Iowa to expand through new capital investment of $28 million at the beginning in September 2016 with anticipated completion in 2018, which would coincide with the company’s 75th anniversary.

This week’s feed industry highlights

The planned expansion will add a second manufacturing facility of approximately 97,800 square feet (9,806 square meters) along with related manufacturing capabilities, including storage, fermentation, drying, grinding, packaging, and transportation equipment. This expansion also would provide new skilled jobs in manufacturing, research and development, marketing, accounting, and information technology. Photo: Diamond V

Neovia to become stronger in Brazil

Neovia is moving its pawns in the North Region of Brazil by entering into exclusive negotiations with a major regional player in animal nutrition (aquaculture, pet food, ruminants): Nutrizon.

This week’s feed industry highlights

The proposed takeover of Nutrizon is still pending prior approval by the competition authorities. If signed, it will strengthen Neovia’s geographical coverage in Brazil as well as its positioning on aquaculture, pet food, and ruminants markets. Nutrizon was created in 2005 in Rondônia (State of North of Brazil). Today, it employs 200 people and has a modern production plant as well as an important branch in Manaus. Photo: Neovia

Biomin opens 7th Center of Applied Animal Nutrition

Animal nutrition company Biomin has opened its 7th Center for Animal Nutrition (CAN), this time in Tulln, Austria. In vivo research will focus on piglet and broiler nutrition.

This week’s feed industry highlights

The experimental trial facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for digestibility tests, kinetics studies biomarker identification and ex-vivo sampling for next generation sequencing analysis. In recent years, CANs have been introduced in Thailand, Vietnam and Brazil and Austria. Photo: RBI

CCPA buys Montalva Group

The French company CCPA Group has acquired the Portuguese company DIN, part of the Montalva Group (Portuguese leading company on pig, beef and related products markets). This acquisition is in line with the CCPA Group development strategy aiming to enhance its know-how internationally. This strategy occurs by external growth, stake held or partnership. The company DIN is located in Santa Comba Dao, in the center of Portugal and owns 2 manufacturing lines, one for premixes and one for pre-starter feeds, and a laboratory for chemical and microbiological analyses.

Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor