Threonine firmer in an otherwise calm global amino acids market

05-04-2023 | |
Threonine firmer in an otherwise calm global amino acids market

​The global amino acids market is on the whole calm this week. Although in China Threonine manufacturers are attempting to increase prices or at least stabilise them. Find out more in this week’s amino acids snapshot (week 14).

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Threonine manufacturers remain firmer on the price and try to move away from the low price levels and constant decline. It has worked partly and led to some new Q2 buying. Lysine hcl and lysine sulphate have been relatively stable, maybe slightly weaker, with a quiet market. Lysine liquid has now finally declined more significantly. The methionine market has been calm. Very slight price decline seen for spot business. Tryptophan is a bit weaker ex China and now also in Europe. Valine remains relatively stable. There was some demand seen last weeks, but is it now quiet again.


The market feels very calm and in most regions, there is not a huge interest to contract new volumes ahead for late Q2 or Q3. There are already contracts in place for Q2 that were closed in previous weeks and it has become quiet, at least for now. FOB China prices are mostly stable to slightly weak, but manufacturers seem quite keen to sell volume. That is leading to that wait-and-see attitude amongst buyers, even at the current low price levels. Also, local traders remain very competitive on price to keep stock moving. Although there are mostly no significant volumes behind those trader offers.


There is an ongoing attempt by Chinese manufacturers to increase prices, or at least try to stabilise them. Several manufacturers were not offering last week, but they have returned to the market now and all offer a similar FOB China price, which is a bit higher than in previous weeks. It has led to some additional buying in several regions for Q2, as the price is low and it is said that it is not likely that the price will decline much more for Q2 deliveries. So, a bit more of a bullish tone for the short term anyway. There is no interest yet in Q3. Threonine on a global level seems still oversupplied and although the market is a bit more active, overall it feels quiet. Q2 cover is more advanced now.


No changes were seen compared to last week. The methionine market has gone very quiet. Over the past weeks, Q2 has been contracted, and prices have stabilised at a relatively low level. Although a cent/kg of decline here and there is mentioned. Suppliers have sold their volumes for Q2 mostly, and are reluctant to further lower the price for now. Q2 is now mostly contracted and the market is calm again.


There seems to be some sales pressure ex China, as prices have weakened on a FOB China basis. Now also the price in Europe is showing some decline, although marginal. The demand for tryptophan is currently behind compared to previous years. In some other regions, prices are still stable, slight decline here and there but nothing significant. The market feels very quiet and is well contracted for Q2 and there are no signs of any interest for Q3 right now.


Some delays are still seen for material shipped ex China to the regions. That has led to a bit less availability and the price spread between Western material and Chinese material has narrowed. The Western suppliers continue to be stable to firm on their prices and are said to be relatively tight on their availability. Q2 is mostly contracted by now.

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