Top 5 articles on heat stress prevention

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Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock

In many parts of the world, summer is in full swing. Although humans may enjoy the high temperatures, livestock (especially cows) can suffer from heat stress, hence losing production and performance. We have listed the top 5 articles from All About Feed on this topic.

Yeast and antioxidants can help

As we see the consequences of climate change, heat stress becomes a growing issue for high producing cattle. Rumen specific live yeast and antioxidants can counteract the effects of this problem. Read the full article here

Help the cow beat the heat

What happens to the dairy cow during periods of heat stress, and what can be done to help her beat the heat? As it turns out, the most recent answer to this question contains an unexpected twist based on recent research that may change the way we view and manage heat-stressed cows. Read the full article here

Zinc prevents profit loss

Heat stress now costs US swine producers more than US$900 million per year in reproduction and finishing losses, reports Lance Baumgard, Ph.D, associate professor, department of animal science, Iowa State University. Read the full article here

How sensory additives can help

Dairy farmers around the world face heat stress as 1 of the main challenges in high levels of milk production while keeping cows healthy. Keeping the feed intake on the right level is key, and sensory additives can help achieve this. Read the full article here

Direct fed microbial in the diet

Heat stress negatively impacts milk yield and reproduction and therefore is a significant financial burden. Feed additives can reduce the economic consequences by boosting the milk yield, according to the Nutriad Group. Read the full article here

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