US bakery aims for 100% antibiotic free chicken and pork

22-12-2014 | |
US bakery aims for 100% antibiotic free pork in 2015
US bakery aims for 100% antibiotic free pork in 2015

Panera Bread has announced that in 2015, it plans to only use a pork supply which has received zero antibiotics. The chicken used already achieved that goal.

According to the company Panera Bread is making progress toward improving the welfare of poultry and livestock in its supply chain under the Food Policy rolled out earlier this year.


In 2014, they claim that 91% of Panera’s pork supply received no antibiotics ever and was sourced from farms where pregnant sows are able to roam freely in group housing. The pigs are also fed a vegetarian-only diet.

By January 2015, Panera intends for its entire pork supply — approximately 8 million pounds — to meet or exceed these standards.


In 2014, 18% of the more than 70 million eggs the company served came from laying hens raised in cage-free environments. All hens that supply shell eggs and hard boiled eggs never received antibiotics and fed a vegetarian-only diet.


2014 marked a milestone for the company – 10 years serving chicken that received no antibiotics ever. This year, 100% of the chicken served in sandwiches and salads met this standard, and had a vegetarian-only diet.

There are 1,845 bakery-cafes in 45 states and in Ontario Canada operating under the Panera Bread, Saint Louis Bread Co.and Paradise Bakery & Café names.

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