US producers of DDGS focus on Australia

23-03-2007 | |

Australia could soon emerge as an important market for US distillers’ dried grains with solubles (DDGS) as it looks to guarantee supplies of animal feed, according to a US Grains Council (USGC) report.

“While this is not a country where the Council regularly conducts programs,
Australia has been experiencing serious drought and may be looking for sources
to fulfil their feed demand,” the USGC said.

During a recent visit, USGC
staff met with Australian livestock and poultry producers, along with trade
contacts and quarantine officials. They learned that while potential users have
no personal experience with DDGS, they have imported US soy meal in the past.
“While Australia’s quarantine and inspection regulations are formidable, we
believe that certain feed ingredient trade entities will begin the import
application process soon,” the report said.

“If all goes well, Australia
could be a near-term market for up to 200,000 tonnes of US DDGS,” it

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