Vilofoss launches fatty acid for sows

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Vilofoss: Fatty acid to enhance farrowing for sows
Vilofoss: Fatty acid to enhance farrowing for sows

Danish vitamins and minerals company Vitfoss/ Vilofoss has launched a new feed ingredient which is aimed at easing the farrowing process for gestating sows – and reducing mortality figures.

Vilofoss (known as Vitfoss in Denmark) launched the glycerol bound fatty acid product at NutriFair, in Fredericia, Denmark.

It is advised to supply the additive as a top dressing to sows one week pre-farrowing or mix it into a transition feed. It has been observed that use of the product led to lower stillborn piglets on one hand and more vital piglets on the other.

It is thought that the product has a positive effect on muscles around the uterus, which means that farrowing happens quicker and that the parturition process is less exhaustive. The result is that complications among piglets are reduced.

Glycerol bound fatty acids, in which glycerol and fatty acid are bound in a 1:1 ratio, are called monoglycerides. They usually consist of an organic acid and a glycerol. Glycerol is a source of energy, and the organic acids usually have an anti-bacterial effect.

The new product contains a combination of short-and medium chain fatty acids in the form of monoglycerides.

Vitfoss/ Vilofoss also presented the product Kani-Stopp on the Danish market. This targeted feed additive has been developed to reduce tail biting and ear biting and can be added to the finisher feed whenever considered necessary.

The innovation was introduced recently in Germany by Deutsche Vilomix.

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