Vitamin B3 remains firm with vitamin K3 MNB potentially firmer as well

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Vitamin B3 remains firm with vitamin K3 MNB potentially firmer as well

Vitamin B3 (niacin) remains firm as key raw materials needed for production are tight. Spot prices have increased, and it is to be seen if the already contracted volumes against the low prices earlier this year will be executed on time. Learn more in this week’s vitamins snapshot (week 19).

On the back of the B3 issues, vitamin K3 MNB may firm up as well. The rest of the vitamin market shows no significant changes compared to previous weeks.

There are no changes reported from either the supply or consumer side. Prices have been stable for several weeks now, and the market is contracted for Q2 at least. There is a wait-and-see attitude for longer-term business, as the demand in some regions is still behind, and it is said that several traders sitting on some unsold stock still. Right now, the market is quiet and stable.

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The market remains in a fragile balance between stable prices and a slight further decline, although the price has been relatively stable for some time now. But manufacturers have been stable (in some cases firm) on prices. Q2 is contracted, and in some cases, a portion of Q3 as well, as buyers find risk acceptable at the current price levels. The market feels very quiet, though.

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Despite recently firmer prices in, for example, Asia and Europe, things seem to cool down for now, and stable prices are seen. In some regions like Europe, prices have firmed a bit, and FOB China as well. Not many new volumes are contracted at the moment. Still some uncertainties around the import procedure into the EU market for Chinese origin, which leads to potential question marks around availability in the upcoming summer.


The d-calpan market remains very steady and calm at the moment. There is a decent contract cover for Q2 and early Q3, but some buyers also continue to buy hand-to-mouth as they expect lower prices. With less export out of China in the previous months, stock levels may be lower though in the local regions. Prices ex China have been stable for some time as manufacturers are reluctant to go down further right now.

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Shortages in key raw materials for the manufacture of vitamin B3 continue to lead to firmer spot prices and/or Q3 prices. And although most end-users already contracted Q2 and a big portion of Q3 (even Q4) some time ago when prices were lower, there are now talks about uncertainty if these contracts will be executed on time and in full. But that is also still speculative. Right now, the market is still relatively active.

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