Vitamin E prices rise

All vitamin E suppliers collectively increased their prices by 10%-20% some days ago. Photo: Canva
All vitamin E suppliers collectively increased their prices by 10%-20% some days ago. Photo: Canva

The only noticeable change in the vitamin market this week, is the collective price increase announcement of vitamin E suppliers. Price offers are increased between 10%-20% in an attempt to increase prices on a more structural basis. Learn more in this week’s feed additives snapshot (week 17).

So far the market has not responded yet in terms of sudden buying activity. Vitamin B1 remains a bit firmer, but that seems to be the only vitamin with some firmer movement. Other vitamins are mostly static/stable.

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Vitamin E 50%

All vitamin E suppliers collectively increased their prices by 10%-20% some days ago. Up until now, the market has not responded at all and the wait-and-see attitude seems to continue. Official market prices, based on the latest supplier prices offers, have increased significantly in some regions. Market participants are now observing if this price increase will stick and if it is time to move for Q3 buying. A decent cover was already taken in the previous weeks, so not a lot of new additional demand is seen currently. Most of Q2 is contracted and some cover into Q3 is seen as well.

Vitamin A 1000

At this moment the market is stable and seems to have been unaffected by any type of potential disruption like stop-offering, maintenance periods, reduced output, etc. The price is low though and any attempt to increase it has not been sticking lately. Most of Q2 has been contracted.

Vitamin D3 500

Due to low inventory, a bit of tightness is seen here and there and in some cases, suppliers try to increase prices. But without any significant results so far. The market is very calm and no new demand is seen really. Prices are on average stable in all regions, at a relatively low level.

Vitamin B2 80%

There have been some attempts recently by manufacturers and suppliers to increase prices but without any effect so far. The vitamin B2 market remains very quiet and stable. Prices in Asia are still relatively low, while prices in Europe and the US are higher and stable, compared to that. Most of Q2 is contracted.


Some talks in the Chinese market about potential firmer prices, but so far they have not been supported in local regions. The market is quiet and stable and prices remain very low. There still seems to be sufficient supply, pending contracts in place, and relatively low new demand in most regions. Already a decent cover ahead is taken for Q2.

Vitamin B3

Some contradictions are seen in the market as some suppliers are very keen to increase the prices due to cost price pressure, while others want to move stock and offer competitive prices. In general, the market feels relatively quiet and prices are mostly stable at a low level. Availability seems to be OK in most regions. There was already some cover taken into Q2 and even early Q3 some time ago when prices stabilised at a low level.


A few weeks ago, firmer price offers were seen, but no effect from that so far on actual transactions. The market is quiet and stable. There is ample supply, and long-term contracts were already concluded some time ago in most cases and regions. Prices remain historically low. A good portion of Q2 is contracted and some of Q3 as well. In some cases, buyers took long-term contracts well into 2024.

Vitamin C 35% mono

Prices are still holding up at a higher level compared to last year. In some cases, these higher prices are being paid, but only for small transactions. In general, there are a lot of long-term contracts in 2024 that are currently being executed first, at old lower prices, before it will be visible where new realistic price levels will be. Suppliers do seem very determined though to keep the prices up. Q2 is largely contracted and in some cases, a large portion of 2024 as well.

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