Vitamin markets calm

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Most of the vitamin markets are relatively calm and stable and still low priced, at least for now. Learn more in this week’s feed additives snapshot (week 09).

Vitamin A and E were firm until Chinese New Year, but have become more steady and are partly contracted into Q2 by now. Of course the recent news of a major player selling their animal health and vitamin business has to be digested and will most likely have an effect, but more longer term probably. Vitamin K3 has become firmer again and some of the vitamin C suppliers have returned to the market after being absent for several months. Apart from that, no major events seen in the vitamin markets.

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Vitamin E 50%

After a period of relative volatility in most regions, things seem to be more calm now. Except for the US market, where vitamin E is still firm. Although suppliers continue to have a strong desire for higher prices. No immediate impact on the market has been seen so far, after the announcement of one of the main manufacturers to sell their animal health business, including vitamins. The overall sentiment for vitamin E 50% is still stable to firmer, but as buyers have taken forward cover into Q2, it has become calmer now. Q1 is contracted and a portion of Q2 is as well.

Vitamin A 1000

Recently, one of the main vitamin A1000 manufacturers has announced to sell of their vitamin business. So far, that has not impacted the short-term market, so it seems. Market participants are interested in learning what kind of impact this sell of may have and how other vitamin A1000 manufacturers will respond longer term. So far no significant changes seen and vitamin A1000 has continued its stable to slightly firm trend as availability is said to be tight and it has to be seen if all the Q1 and Q2 contracts will executed timely and in full. A portion of Q2 has been contracted by now.

Vitamin D3 500

The vitamin D3 500 market is relatively calm and prices seem to be stable in most regions. Not a lot of actual transactions are reported at the moment. Recently, when it became more visible that the supply chain ex-China will be disrupted due to the delayed container supply Ex Asia, buyers decided to take some forward cover. Current market prices are still very low though. Stock levels in the regions are said to be OK/limited. Q1 is contracted and some Q2 volumes are as well.

Vitamin B2 80%

Compared to last week, no changes are seen or reported. The vitamin B2 market is very quiet, mostly stable, and feels static. Prices in Asia are still relatively low, while prices in Europe are higher and stable and in the US as well, compared to that. A portion of Q2 is contracted.


Very quiet market at the moment and already decent cover ahead is taken. Prices were/are low and with the delays ex China and relatively low stocks in the regions, buyers have purchased some volume ahead into early Q2.

Vitamin B3

Despite the strong desire from suppliers to increase the price, which succeeded recently, the market has become more stable now again. Forward cover into Q2 has been taken recently and currently, there is no additional demand seen in most regions. The coming weeks should give more direction as it will be visible what shipment delays ex Asia could potentially do. There may be some short-lived volatility in Q1 as a result of that. Overall, it is relatively quiet and there is already decent cover for Q1 and into Q2.


No changes are seen in the biotin market, compared to last week. The price has been stable for some time now, at an all-time low price level. In some cases, the pure biotin does go down a bit further in small steps, in the case of inventory clearing. A portion of Q2 is contracted by now. In some cases, buyers took long-term contracts well into 2024, some of them also older contracts.

Vitamin C 35% mono

After a relatively long period without price quotes, some suppliers have now returned to the market with price offers. These offers are in line with the higher market prices of the previous period. In the coming weeks, it is to be seen if there is any significant demand and how price offers and actual transactions are going to play out. Most buyers took long-term contracts when the price was low or when it started to increase. Q1 and Q2 are mostly contracted and in some cases a large portion of 2024 as well.

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