Vitamin markets: More vitamin market direction expected at CPHI Shanghai

Vitamin markets: More vitamin market direction expected at CPHI Shanghai

This week the CPHI trade show is held in Shanghai and a lot of eyes are on that show for potential discussions and market trends for Q4 2024. Learn more in this week’s feed additives snapshot (week 25).

Vitamin E suppliers continue to try to increase prices and are starting their summer plant maintenance. So far the market is stable to slightly firmer but mostly quiet right now. Vitamin A 1000 seems to be stable at the moment. Some increase in Europe is seen on vitamin B2 as supply is tight at the EU based suppliers. Vitamin D3 500 is still showing a firmer tone FOB China and also a bit in the regions. The container freight rate increases start to weigh as well on relatively low priced vitamins, such as cholin chlorid.

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Vitamin E 50%

Summer plant maintenance for several suppliers will start soon or has already started. At the same time, the manufacturers are continuously trying to increase prices through higher price offers. High container freight costs add to the final vitamin E price as well. The market remains relatively quiet though and prices are stable to slightly firmer in the case of actual transactions. Q3 is mostly contracted.

Here the market prices of 3 important vitamins are tracked – check it out…

Vitamin A 1000

After some attempts (in some cases successful) to increase the price, the market has been relatively stable and calm for some weeks now. Although there are still attempts by suppliers to increase the price. They indicate stocks are low, material is delayed and container freight is weighing on the price. But so far the price has been stable lately and buyers are not reacting really to any of these events. A good portion of Q3 is contracted by now.

Vitamin D3 500

Prices offered FOB China are still firmer and there is a strong desire by manufacturers and suppliers to increase prices. Container freight price increases start to be significant now. The actual transaction prices in the regions have stayed mostly stable to only slightly higher though. The market feels quiet, despite the delays ex-China and higher container freight costs and higher fob China prices. A portion of Q3 is contracted already.

Vitamin B2 80%

The market in Europe has been slightly firmer as the availability of local suppliers is not so good. Prices moved up a bit for Q3 offers and transactions, compared to previous months. In other regions, the prices are mostly stable, although there is a continuous desire for manufacturers to increase prices. But demand is not supportive enough. Some of Q3 is already contracted for strategic reasons.


Despite the higher container costs, the end price of d-calpan in the regions is not moving really. The market even feels a bit weak in for example Europe. Prices remain stable in most regions at a low level as supply in general is ample and suppliers are keen to maintain market share and move stock. Already some cover ahead is taken into Q3 for strategic reasons.

Vitamin B3

The vitamin B3 market is mostly stable and shows similar prices compared to previous weeks. Higher container freight costs have not been transferred yet so far into the final product price. Demand is still said to be sluggish, so a significant price increase in the short term is not very likely. In general, the market feels quiet and prices are mostly stable at a relatively low level. If any increase is seen, it is led by higher container freight rates. There is cover taken into Q3 and in some cases even further at a time when prices were lower compared to today.


No changes are seen in the biotin market at the moment. Supply is ample and long-term contracts have been concluded and/or pending. Prices remain historically low. Some of Q3 is contracted and in some cases, buyers took long-term contracts well into late 2024.

Vitamin C 35% mono

Even though some manufacturers have indicated to reduce their production output, or go into a long summer maintenance, the market sentiment has turned a bit weak over the past few weeks. No major changes are seen, but in some regions, vitamin C prices have come down a bit and demand is sluggish. Prices are still at a higher level though, compared to a year ago. There are still long-term contracts in place that were concluded at the previous low price levels and carry well into 2024. Q3 is mostly contracted based on lower-priced old contracts.


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