What’s new in the feed business?

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What s new in the feed business? Photo: Syda Productions/Shutterstock
What s new in the feed business? Photo: Syda Productions/Shutterstock

All About Feed wraps up the latest business and product highlights from the international feed industry.

Hamlet Protein opens sales office in China

Hamlet Protein has opened a new sales office to support customers in China and South East Asia with specialty vegetable proteins for young animal nutrition. The team serving the region has also gained 2 new members: Regional Sales Manager Lu Kelun and Area Sales Manager Astasit Kaewnanuer. The company has experienced significant sales growth in China and South East Asia over the past few years. Product trials in China, Thailand and other parts of the region have confirmed the positive effects of the company’s specialty proteins on young animal growth and development.

Neovia acquires Apligén

Neovia has acquired Apligén, a Mexican company specialising in the production of premix, specialty feed, and additives. This will complete its premix business with technological and high quality products and services under the company’s Wisium Brand, to meet Mexico’s nutrition market increasing demand for more technologies, technical expertise and quality.

Apligén is a family-run company which is recognised for its quality products (premix, speciality feed, additives) and services. The company has an annual turnover around €30 million, benefits from strong positions in ruminants and swine and has been steadily developing for several years.

Nutriad opens new plant in China

Nutriad, together with local partners, opened its new palatability factory in Nantong (China). The new factory, with a 10,000 Mt capacity/year, will operate under the FFI (Feed Flavour International) brand. Building on strong experience in swine nutrition, the new plant will also service ruminant and aquaculture applications. Stated Erik Visser, CEO Nutriad, “As the Chinese industry has developed, both government regulations as well as customer demands have changed over the years. This new factory is in full compliance with the latest environmental and safety regulations and brings together our years of experience from producing and servicing customers across the world.”

New name: Kaesler Nutrition

Lohmann Animal Nutrition changed its name to Kaesler Nutrition. “We were well-prepared for the name change and had paved the way for a smooth transition for our customers. Of course we are still busy with re-registrations outside the EU, but the core business in the EU was not affected“, concludes Dr Bruno Kaesler, Managing Director, some 4 months after the change. The name change was officially launched at the previous EuroTier.

Improved processing for feed additives

The new Optisize™ technology creates uniform, low-dust trace mineral particles that are non-reactive, non-hygroscopic and which blend and mix more evenly into feed, meaning more nutrients make their way into the animal. The technology has been developed by Selko, the feed additives brand of Trouw Nutrition, a Nutreco company. The technology help feed processors in problems they might have with feed additives: binding with other nutrients, blending unevenly or making excessive dust are all major detractors to otherwise high quality feed additives.

New tool to calculate feed mill profitability improvements

Kemin has launched the MillSMART™ Profit Value Calculator to help feed mill professionals easily evaluate the economic returns of incorporating the MillSMART programme into their operations. The programme preconditioning solution uniformly disperses and penetrates feed, providing a positive impact on feed mill production parameters and significant economic benefits. To use the tool, users simply enter their feed mill and lab parameters for both a control treatment and MillSMART. The app provides a side-by-side comparison of the net savings and individual KPI savings.

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