Anitox appoints Hungarian distributor

13-02-2012 | |

Vet-Produkt Kft., a provider of animal health products in Hungary, has been appointed to distribute and support the Anitox range of feed safety and milling efficiency solutions.

Initially, Vet-Produkt will focus on increasing customer awareness of Termin-8, the Anitox pathogen control programme for finished feed and raw materials, together with its Maxi-Mil milling efficiency programme.
Termin-8 provides effective control of gram-negative bacteria such as Salmonella and E.coli, gram-positive bacteria such as Staphylococcus and Streptococcus, spore-forming bacteria such as Clostridium, together with mould in feed and feed ingredients.
Maxi-Mil allows manufacturers of pelleted feeds to reduce shrink/process loss, lower press energy use, increase pellet durability, reduce fines, enhance digestibility, reduce die and roll wear by and optimise their carbon footprint.
Based in Babolna Vet-Produkt, established by poultry specialist Dr Csaba Vécsei, signed a distribution agreement with Anitox in December 2011, soon after Termin-8 was officially approved by the authorities in Hungary.
Dr Vécsei states: “Vet-Produkt is well established and highly regarded in the swine, poultry, cattle and feed manufacturing sectors, so this is a very exciting opportunity and we look forward to working with Anitox for a very long time to come.”

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