Anitox develops new moisture control system

14-07-2014 | |
Anitox develops new moisture control system
Anitox develops new moisture control system

Anitox has developed a new system to accurately monitor moisture trends in individual feed rations. The first feed mill to incorporate the new technology is based in Vietnam.

The so-called ‘Maxi-Mil control system’ adjusts application rates instantly, based on the moisture trends measured, to ensure a consistently high quality feed.

Feed milling technologist at Anitox Eric Chew explains: “Livestock producers and mill operators in high humidity climates demand the same quality performance rations as elsewhere in the world, recognising the link between pellet moisture levels and energy efficiency, the presence of mold, and degradation of mineral and vitamin content leading to impaired performance. But producing consistently high quality rations in places such as Vietnam, where 90% humidity is not unusual, has remained a significant challenge. In addition, feed ingredients and finished feeds in Vietnam are commonly transported by river in conditions favourable to spore forming bacteria which can go on to inhibit feed value and livestock performance”.

Chew further explains: “Historically system operators have been required to batch-check feed moisture content in the mixer manually, then adjust hydration accordingly. Sometimes they would find moisture levels far beyond optimum parameters, giving them no choice but to reprocess the feed, thereby increasing production time and costs. The new control system is PC-based and eliminates that pressure. It enables operators to maintain consistent feed moisture levels of up to 12%, maximising moisture levels without compromising feed quality, while also providing residual protection against mould and resultant mycotoxins through transport and storage.”

Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor