Anitox launches Termin-8 Liquid biocide in Saudi-Arabia

06-09-2011 | |

Anitox, a global specialist in pathogen elimination and mould control products for the feed milling and primary meat, egg and fish production industries, has launched a liquid version of its highly-effective biocide in Saudi-Arabia, where the product has been available in powder form for some years.

The first deliveries of Termin-8 Liquid were made recently to a major poultry integrator by Agrovet Alliance, the Riyadh based company which distributes Anitox products in Saudi-Arabia.
A pathogen control programme for finished feed and raw materials, Termin-8 provides effective control of both gram-negative bacteria such as Salmonella and E. coli, together with gram-positive types such as Staphylococcus and Streptococcus.
The product also controls spore-forming bacteria such as Clostridium, together with mould in feed and feed ingredients, whilst exhibiting residual activity to protect against recontamination while feed is in the mill, during transport, or on the farm.
Demand for Termin-8, which is part of an overall feed hygiene programme developed by Anitox for the feed industry continues to increase. The company now supplies most of the world’s Top 25 feed manufacturers and every year more than 25 million tonnes of feed and raw materials are treated with the product to ensure that they are pathogen-free.
Benefits above heat treatment
Roger Mann, Regional Director for Anitox, states: “Heat-treatment of feedstuffs has traditionally been used to achieve microbial clean feeds, but adds significantly to production cost, is energy-intensive, has a high ‘carbon footprint’, can damage vitamins and nutrients, may not kill all pathogens and has no residual effect.
“Therefore, unless other measures are implemented, re-contamination can occur, which makes it essential for feed manufacturers and producers to treat feed with an effective biocide product.”

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