BioMar start feed research in Patagonia

15-02-2017 | |
BioMar start feed research in Patagonia

BioMar Group has set a comprehensive agenda for its research activities in the Chilean aquaculture research centre ATC Patagonia. Focus is set on innovative R&D projects of interest for the global aquaculture industry with regards to fish nutrition and health.

In October 2016 BioMar Group signed an agreement with AquaInnovo to purchase and utilise 30% of its aquaculture research and development centre situated in Lenca, Chile. This initiative has now been formalised and the new name of the centre is Aquaculture Technology Centre Patagonia (ATC Patagonia).

Håvard Jørgensen, global director of R&D of BioMar, said: “We look forward to innovating aquaculture and aquaculture feeds by utilising the research resources that are available, in Chile as well as elsewhere in the world. We have set a comprehensive agenda of research projects and our agenda for 2017 is made up of research related to nutrition for fresh water and sea water species, focusing on raw material knowledge, feed model building and health aspects, mainly on Salmon Rickettsial Septicaemia (SRS) which has caused significant losses to the salmon farming sector, and not only in Chile.

Jørgensen emphasised the value of ATC Patagonia: “The work that BioMar is going to carry out at ATC Patagonia will be transversal and cover diverse requirements for different species and farming conditions where our feed is utilised.”

Source: BioMar

Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor