BOCM Pauls invests £1.5m on feedmill expansion

29-07-2013 | |
Operations manager, Ketill Lord
Operations manager, Ketill Lord

Animal feed firm BOCM Pauls is set to invest more than £1.5million in upgrading and expanding its mill facilities at Bury St Edmunds, United Kingdom.

Expenditure over the next year of more than £1,5 on upgrading and expanding the manufacturing, handling and storage facilities at BOCM Pauls Bury St Edmunds animal feed mill will mean an increased output and greater efficiency, says the company.

The improvements mean that the Bury Mill will have a production capacity in excess of 200,000 tonnes of feed and – as a member of the ForFarmers group – will be the largest speciality feed production unit of its kind in Europe and the leading supplier of creep, early grower and link feeds for pigs.

Operations manager, Ketill Lord, said the upgrades and improvements to the creep and compound plants would increase output.  Works include installing more process weighers and carousels which will cut the amount of handling. The work should be completed by autumn.

Replacing the pelleting press and associated feeding and conditioning plant will give higher output and greater efficiency and would also be completed by the autumn.  Extending the products storage building and the installation of new bulk storage bins would increase storage capacity by about 600 tonnes.  Loading times will be reduced by the installation of an additional computer-controlled weighbridge.

“We need to cater for farmers taking larger loads of feed and speed up the turnaround time to maximise efficiency and reduce costs for hauliers and our own fleet” says Mr Lord.

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