BRI teams up with ilender in Latin America

15-12-2014 | |
BRI teams up with ilender in Latin America
BRI teams up with ilender in Latin America

BioResource International has partnered up with ilender to distribute Xylamax in Latin America

BioResource International(BRI), a global biotechnology company specialising in the research, development and manufacture of high-performance enzyme feed additives for animal nutrition, has signed an agreement with ilender Corp. for the distribution and marketing of selected feed enzyme products in Latin American countries.

ilender, a multinational corporation which aims at excellence in the development, production and sale of pharmaceuticals and feed additives for the animal health and nutrition industries, will be the exclusive distributor of BRI’s Xylamax and XylaQuick, under private label, to poultry producers, feed integrators and animal health and nutrition consultants throughout Mexico, Central and South America.

“The addition of ilender to our alliance of global business partners is a significant milestone. As a premier marketing and distribution company with deep ties in Latin America, ilender is an excellent partner for BRI to expand into this growing market,” said Dr. Giles Shih, CEO, BRI.

“Partnering with ilender gives us access to the growing markets of Latin America. Their reputation and presence allows us to position our newest enzyme solution, Xylamax, for success,” commented Julian Young, Chief Operating Officer, BRI.

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