Cargill launches customised shrimp feed

09-11-2016 | |
Cargill launches customised shrimp feed. Photo: USDA
Cargill launches customised shrimp feed. Photo: USDA

Cargill is launching a new way of feeding shrimp through its introduction of a first-of-its-kind shrimp feed produced exclusively for automated feeders using acoustic technology.

The iQuaticfeed will be available in Central and South America over the next few months.

Through this acoustic technology, the automatic feed dispensers use microphones to detect when shrimp are eating, enabling the system to deliver more precise amounts of feed when shrimp are hungry. This feed is designed and formulated with ingredients that help ensure that shrimp take in all the nutrients available in a pellet. Field trials have resulted in improved feed conversion ratios as much as 15 to 20%.

“This feed gives shrimp farmers a big competitive advantage because it maximizes feeding times,” said Adel El-Mowafi, Cargill global technology director for aqua. “Giving shrimp feed during their natural feeding patterns makes a huge impact on productivity, but the nutritional and functional design of the feed itself has to be right. Otherwise key nutrients can dissolve. This new feed leverages Cargill’s extensive research and development capabilities. Cargill is now able to give shrimp farmers the precise pellet qualities needed to help ensure productivity gains.”

Automated feeders use the acoustic technology to understand the natural eating patterns of shrimp, resulting in improved efficiency. Because the shrimp make better use of the nutrients delivered, they grow faster and produce less waste. This results in improved feed conversion ratio and better water quality allowing for a more environmentally sustainable operation with healthier, larger shrimp.

Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor

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