Cargill to close Winnipeg, Manitoba grain elevator and crop input facility

23-02-2012 | |

Cargill Limited announced Tuesday that it is ceasing production at its Winnipeg East facility.

The Winnipeg East facility is an 8,000-tonne elevator with crop inputs and a dry fertilizer plant and shed. 
According to Cargill, the facility no longer meets the company’s stringent standards for operating safe, cost effective and efficient farm service networks across Canada.
“The facility is outdated and would have required significant and costly upgrades to maintain Cargill’s rigorous standards, said Jody Magotiaux, Cargill Farm Service Group Manager. 
"While the Winnipeg facility no longer meets our current needs, we remain committed to offering our valued customers with the same level of dedicated service they have come to expect from Cargill,” he said. 
Cargill’s customers will have continued access to crop inputs and fertilizer and will be able to deliver grain to Cargill’s other Keystone locations, such as Morris and Elm Creek, as well as utilize alternate direct-to-farm service solutions.   
The facility has five full-time employees, all of whom have been presented with transition packages.

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