Company: Sofiprotéol creates two new companies

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Company: Sofiprotéol creates two new companies
Company: Sofiprotéol creates two new companies

Sofiprotéol, an industrial and financial company in the oilseed and proteins sector based in France, has created two new companies in order to further strengthen its position in the French market.

Drawing on its knowledge of livestock markets and the businesses of its animal Division, Sofiprotéol is developing its livestock expertise through the creation of two new structures: MiXscience, a company specialised in animal nutrition expertise and innovation and Theseo, a company specialised in livestock biosecurity.

The creation of MiXscience and Theseo, part of Sofiprotéol’s CAP 2018 strategic plan, will enable the group to strengthen its position on the French market of expertise and innovation in animal nutrition and biosecurity, to develop its capacity for innovation through the pooling of resources and to promote its expertise in animal industries worldwide. The company MiXscience will have a 150-strong workforce including researchers, veterinarians, production staff and engineers, all from Sofiprotéol’s animal Division, as well as experts in livestock and specialist feeds.

The combined assets and expertise will allow a wide range of animal nutrition products, services and expertise to be offered:

–        Livestock farming structuring consultancy

–        Zootechnical expertise: nutritional and technical advice, zootechnical and sanitary audits for animal production , formulation

–        Industrial expertise in animal nutrition

–        The manufacture of premix to produce animal feeds: mixes of the vitamins and trace elements needed in order for them to have a balanced diet

–        Developing nutritional and mineral solutions

Theseo will develop, manufacture and market products and services to maintain standards of hygiene in buildings and livestock as well as farming and water treatment equipment. Through its R&D department and external business development partnerships, Theseo will roll out innovative solutions for improving health security, animal well-being and performance of all types of livestock both in France and internationally.

With a shared ambition of rapid international growth, MiXscience and Theseo plan to establish strong links, in particular by ensuring their sites and distribution networks complement each other. Sofiprotéol’s animal nutrition business will thus offer livestock professionals in France and overseas a wide range of complementary products and expertise.

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