De Heus expands blending line with Alfra dosing weighers

08-10-2012 | |
De Heus expands blending line with Alfra dosing weighers
De Heus expands blending line with Alfra dosing weighers

KSE received the order to expand the blending line of De Heus Veghel – The Netherlands. Hereby De Heus is better able to separate its raw materials and especially shorten the throughput.

The two current Alfra Oblong Weighers (LBW) of De Heus, which are producing over 30 years, will be transformed into four LBW’s.

Renewing the discharge transport is, in this specific case, also in hands of KSE Process Technology. The expansion shortens the throughput and achieves a better separation of raw materials.

Each (dosing) weigher has pressure differences, which affect the dosing and weighing result. A new module in Alfra dosing & weighing compensates these differences and is able to provide a much more stable weighing signal. De Heus is thus assured of a faster and more accurate dosing result.

Earlier this year, KSE optimized the automation of the press lines, after further standardization of the press in mechanical field. All these changes results in flexibility, higher efficiency and better quality for De Heus.

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De Heus Feed is an international operating company, whose core activity is the production and commercialization of high quality feed.

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