Dupont soybean trait gets approval

23-01-2007 | |

DuPont met an important milestone toward the commercialization of its proprietary high oleic soybean oil trait today by completing its U.S. regulatory submissions for approval of the trait. This keeps the Bunge DuPont Biotech Alliance on track for commercialization of products containing the trait by 2009.

The high oleic soybean oil trait is the next
generation of healthy oil traits developed by DuPont, through its subsidiary
Pioneer Hi-Bred International Inc., as part of a partnership with Bunge.

Less trans fats
The trait will provide valuable
benefits to food processors and industrial customers beyond those now available
through Treus low linolenic soybean oil and other low linolenic soybean oils on
the market, said Pioneer President Dean Oestreich.
Like low linolenic soybean
oil, high oleic soybean oil eliminates the need for hydrogenation, resulting in
foods with negligible amounts of trans fats, he explained.
“This is a
significant step for DuPont and for food companies looking for further improved
oils,” Oestreich said. “These regulatory submissions keep us on track for
commercialization of products beginning in 2009 and allow us to build on the
success we’ve had developing products to meet consumer demand for healthier

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