Dutch broilers do better without antibiotics

01-03-2007 | |

Despite the ban on the use of in feed antibiotics, Dutch broiler farmers showed better technical results in 2006, compared to 2005, according to new data from Dutch feed producer ForFarmers.

Through the addition of 30% wheat and alternative
growth promoters in the feed, a quarter of the ForFarmers broiler producers
showed reduction in feed conversion from 1.40 to around 1.36 (at a weight of
1500 grams).

The growth of the top 25% producers increased with almost 2
grams to 57 grams per day, mainly due to the genetic progress of the animals.
Some flocks even showed a growth of 60 grams per day. In addition the mortality
rate in 2006 decreased from 3.7 to 3.3%.


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