ExtruAfrica 2014 offer chance to submit extracts

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ExtruAfrica 2014 offer chance to submit extracts
ExtruAfrica 2014 offer chance to submit extracts

ExtruAfrica, an initiative of the Centre of Excellence in Advanced Manufacturing at the North-West University in Potchefstroom, South Africa, comprises of the organising of general extrusion workshops, specialised training seminars and annual international extrusion conference and training seminar. ExtruAfrica are offering the opportunity to submit your abstracts in time for the 2014 conference.

The theme for ExtruAfrica 2014 is: Extrusion – a cost effective solution for the African Continent. Generally, extrusion is defined as a process of forcing material through a defined opening. For this to happen, the material must be either completely or partly in a fluid form so that it doesn’t block the opening when operating under reasonable pressure conditions. Extrusion has wide applications in the food, feed, powder paint and plastics industries and there are numerous opportunities in the market for the development and marketing of extruded products.

Examples of extruded products:

  • Pet foods.
  • Extruded oilseeds into crude oil and partially defatted cakes.
  • Extruded, floating or suspended pellets for fish.
  • Extruded composite cereals from e.g. wheat, sorghum, cassava, barley, rice, peanuts, millets, peas, beans, sweet potatoes, green bananas, plantain.

If you can add value to the theme by presenting at the conference, please submit your abstract by 30 January 2014.

You can also register online here.

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