Fear after fire bombing of feed truck

02-11-2007 | |

Trondheim, Norway police are concerned after the discovery of fire bombs with timers responsible for the destruction of a feed tanker truck last month.

A tanker parked outside the company Midt-Norsk Fòr AL at Lade near Trondheim
was heavily damaged in a fire reported in the early hours of October 10

An adjacent truck was also damaged and investigating police
found several fire bombs.

Animal rights activists
connection with the forensic investigations remains from material that likely
stem from two fire bombs were found at the scene. Closer investigation found a
further three bombs that had not ignited,” investigation leader Terje Lunde told
news agency NTB.

He added that the bombs had been strategically
placed among the parked trucks to create maximum damage.

Lunde said that
the bombs were currently the only clues in the investigation, but that animal
rights activists were getting primary attention since the trucks were used to
drive feed to fur farms in the district.

Fur farms
“Sabotage is frightening but we were aware that we could be a
target for extreme animal rights activists. The plot follows the same procedure
we have seen used abroad,” Midt-Norsk Fôr AL managing director Håkon Brønstad
told Aftenposten.

Norway’s Police Security Service (PST) chief Jørn Holme
said that extreme animal rights groups were part of the PST’s general threat
assessment due to sporadic attacks on the fur industry.


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