Feed mill subsidized to process baking leftovers

11-06-2010 | |
Feed mill subsidized to process baking leftovers

The province of Ontario in Canada is helping a Quebec-based company open its first Ontario facility and create new jobs in Peterborough.

Farines SPB Meal Ltd. collects and converts by-products from bakeries and related industries to produce an ingredient called Energro, which is used by pork and poultry feed producers.
The company is investing over CAN$1.4 million to retrofit an existing feed mill in Peterborough.
When fully operational, the company’s first Ontario facility will also process agricultural by-products into pellets to be used for alternative energy.
New jobs
The province is investing over CAN$217,000 to help create 13 new jobs in the next two years at the facility.
Made using a dehydration process, Energro is described as "an easily digestible meal ingredient that is an excellent source of energy and protein" for monogastric livestock, and a "high-quality alternative to the basic cereals used in complete feeds."
"The new Ontario facility will help us continue being the Canadian industrial leader in food byproduct collection and recovery and, to develop agricultural byproduct into biomass for the production of energy," SPB CEO Sylvain Brasseur said in the Ontario government’s release.
SPB’s food industry clients include processors of breads, doughs, dry yeasts, cereals, pastas, baked goods and snacks such as chips, crackers and granola bars.

Dick Ziggers Former editor All About Feed