Fefac releases new feed data for 2015

09-01-2017 | |
Fefac releases new feed data for 2015. Photo: Koos Groenswold
Fefac releases new feed data for 2015. Photo: Koos Groenswold

In 2015, 155 million tonnes of compound feed were produced by EU compounders, accounting for 80% of all purchased feedingstuffs. This is stated in the latest statistic year book from FEFAC.

The total compound feed production in 2015 (not including dry pet food) is again an increase from the 153.7 million tonnes produced the year before, even though less cattle feed was produced in 2015, compared to 2014. However, a slight rise in pig feed production is seen and a bigger rise in poultry feed production in the EU-28 (+3.3%).

Since 2010, we are seeing a constant rise of compound feed production in the EU, as shown in the figure below.

The value of all feedingstuffs used by EU livestock producers, including forages produced on the farm, is estimated at €90.8 billion in 2015. Around 477 million tonnes of these feedingstuffs are consumed by livestock each year. Out of this quantity, 233 million tonnes mostly are roughages grown and used on the farm of origin. The balance, i.e. 244 million tonnes of feed, includes cereals grown and used on the farm of origin (51 million tonnes ) and feed purchased by livestock producers to supplement their own feed resources (either feed materials or compound feed).

Germany, Spain and France were the biggest compound feed producers in 2015. Although Germany produced 2.8% less than in 2014. Spain produced 3.3% more and France also saw a drop, although minimal (-0.4%). Amongst the biggest growers in tonnage of feed production are Bulgaria (21.1%), Lithuania (+12.9%), Romania (+7.3%, estimate), Ireland (+7.2%), Sweden (+6.3%).

Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor