Flour milling calibration package for DA 7200

14-09-2010 | |
Flour milling calibration package for DA 7200

Perten Instruments releases a Flour Milling Calibration Package for the DA 7200 NIR Analysis System. It enables flour millers to analyze wheat, flour, ingredients and by-products in one instrument, with unparalleled accuracy.

The DA 7200 is already used extensively in the flour milling industry, and this calibration package further expands its benefits. Its accuracy, speed and flexibility make it especially suited for analysis of the large spectrum of products in this industry.

This calibration package includes calibrations for a wide range of products and parameters and allows flour millers to:

– test incoming grain and additives against specifications
– monitor and optimize the milling process
– test finished flour and by-product quality

Ash, protein, moisture, starch damage, water absorption and a wide range of other quality parameters are available. The DA 7200 is built on the same platform as the DA 7300 On-line NIR and calibrations are fully transferable between the two models. This means you will have full agreement between analyses done in-line and in the lab.

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