Indonesia: Malindo Feedmill continues to expand

26-02-2013 | |
Indonesia: Malindo Feedmill continues to expand
Indonesia: Malindo Feedmill continues to expand

This year Malindo Feedmill has a number of expansions in its agenda. Malindo will build two new feed mills: in Makassar, South Sulawesi and in Semarang, Central Java.

For the construction of the new feed mills, Malindo will allocate capital expenditure of IDR 250 billion (€19.7 mln) this year. “this capital expenditure will depend on the progress of projects in the field,” said Malindo corporate secretary, Rudy Hartanto.

By building the new feed mill, Malindo’s feed production capacity will increase by 50% compared to the current capacity of approximately 900,000 tonnes per year.

While on a business line of DOC production, Malindo projects that their DOC (Commercial Day Chicks) production business can grow about 20%. Currently, Malindo produces 190 million DOCs per year. Malindo has a market share of DOC of 9% in Indonesia.

Seeing Malindo’s performance of last year, by the end of June 2012, Malindo’s feed business contributed 64% of total revenue, while DOC production business by 23% and broiler farming business by 10%.

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Arief Fachrudin News correspondent Asia