Insecticides in feed cause of camel death

31-08-2007 | |
Insecticides in feed cause of camel death

Authorities in Saudi Arabia may have found that insecticide caused the mysterious deaths of some 2,500 camels over the last three weeks, the Al-Watan daily reported on Thursday.

Referring to the findings of a state commission, the
paper said an animal feed trader had bought large amounts of bran to sell it on
to camel breeders.

During the long storage period, rodents and insects
had entered his silo, which the trader sprayed with insecticide. He subsequently
sold the insecticide-contaminated bran to numerous camel breeders.

According to official data, some 2,469 camels in Saudi Arabia have so far died, while Saudi
media reports put the numbers up to 5,000.

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