Invivo increases its capital to move company forward

31-03-2015 | |
Invivo increases capital to move company forward
Invivo increases capital to move company forward

In order to accelerate its international development and acquisitions of activities, InVivo Animal Nutrition and Health has increased its capital by €215 million.

The InVivo Group, which remains the majority shareholder of InVivo NSA with 67% of share capital, plays a key role in that movement. It strongly supports this strategy and welcomes Eurazeo as a reference minority shareholder with 17% of share capital. This new financing round also includes CDC International Capital (FFC-Future French Champions partnership) on par with the company’s two historical shareholders: Unigrains and IDIA (Crédit Agricole).

InVivo NSA is gradually implementing its 10-year strategic plan. Indeed, after having announced its intention to acquire critical mass in the field of additives (acquisition of Pancosma in September 2014) and strengthen its position in related countercyclic activities (acquisition of Total Alimentos, the third largest petfood company on the Brazilian market in October 2014), the company announced that it has decided on a major capital increase which, combined with the company’s good performance, will ensure that it can meet its commitments on a dynamic and demanding international market.

Targeted acquisitions in animal health and pet food

This capital increase, together with increased borrowing capacity, should allow the company to invest between €400 and €500 million over the next three years. The funds raised by the company will allow for investments and new locations in emerging countries now and in the future. It will allow the company to develop more innovation projects and partnerships as well as accelerating targeted acquisitions in fields presenting growth opportunities: additives and ingredients, premix, animal health, aquaculture, and pet food.

Beyond the market visibility provided by a reference investor such as Eurazeo and the entry of sovereign wealth funds, through FFC, into the capital, InVivo NSA’s strengthened financial position will play a major role in accelerating growth through assistance in identifying acquisition targets, support of its international expansion, more strategic partnerships, and the exchange of best practices.

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