Irish feed factory closure on grounds of dioxin was due to lab mix-up

27-02-2012 | |

ASM Alternative Feeds, an Irish animal feeds company, intends to sue the state for damages after a sample vial mix up lead to a diagnosis of dioxin, closing the factory for five months, the Irish Independent reports.

The Republic of Ireland’s department of agriculture suspended ASM Alternative Feeds’ license after a routine sample showed elevated dioxin levels.

It later turned out that the sample had been misplaced, a mix-up leading to a false assignation of dioxin.

The state laboratory carrying out the analysis apologized, but the dioxin result was only part of the grounds for the suspension of the license, namely a consignment of 8.5 tonnes feed delivered to a Northern Ireland address having gone missing.

ASM denies the tracibility issues, and plans to relocate its manufacturing to the North.

The ASM Alternative Feeds factory unit is based in Castleblaney, co Monaghan, and employed six people full-time and two part-time.

Nigel Foster, general manager of ASM Alternative Feeds, said his solicitors intended to bring a case for damages.

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