Kerala Feeds launches new feed for layers

06-12-2019 | |
Photo: Henk Riswick
Photo: Henk Riswick

Kerala state government-owned feed manufacturing company in India, Kerala Feeds Limited (KFL) launched a nutrient-rich feed specific developed for layer chicken.

Speaking on this, KFL Chairman KS Indusekharan Nair said, this launch of new nutrient-rich feed will help a million households that raise chicken and the government will continue to support the sector by investing in new technologies. The new feed is expected to hit the market by mid-December, which will address the long pending demand of feed for country breeds that are crucial to stepping up domestic egg production.

Balancing quality and cost

When asked, how the company will be able to maintain quality standard by keeping the cost down, KFL managing director, B Sreekumar said that the company always keeps the affordability in mind before launching any product. Like our other feed products, we are confident that we will maintain high quality for this one as well.

Sourcing raw materials

In order to produce feeds, Kerala Feeds sourced raw materials from other states. North Indian states like Punjab, Uttar Pradesh,being are some of the major states, which provides 99% of raw materials. Though there were some issues around sourcing at the beginning of this year, when prices of raw material increased by 10%-35%.

The company will soon commission a new plant at Thodupuzha. Sreekumar said that the company is purchasing raw materials from the e-portal of the Karnataka Government .”We are also trying to make some arrangements with National Cooperative Dairy Federation of India for entering into long-term contracts with farmer organizations in Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, besides seeking the support of the Indian Institute of Plantation Management for acquiring the stuff directly from North India at competitive prices.”

Feed ingredients

Kerala Feeds uses raw materials such as maize, de-oiled rice bran, de-oiled cake, cottonseed extraction, soybean meal, and molasses to meet the production requirements. Maize, which is the main input for feed products, largely comes from Bihar, Punjab and Andhra Pradesh.

The company has a total production of 1250 tons and expects to reach 1750 tons after the operational of Thodupuzha plant, the company is looking to capture a market share of over 50% and a turnover of USD $ 70 by 2020/21.

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Jagdish Kumar Freelance journalist (India)