KSE expands production capacity for feed equipment

08-04-2016 | |
KSE expands production capacity for feed equipment
KSE expands production capacity for feed equipment

Recently, KSE started the first phase of the new buildings in the Netherlands. This includes a complete new assembly hall.

KSE is a high-quality technology company with a wide range of machines, automation solutions and services for mainly the animal feed industry.

Last month, the company started the first phase of a range of new buildings. In this phase, a new assembly hall is being build. “If everything goes according to plan, this hall will be ready at the end of this year,” said CEO Adriaan Smulders. “The new buildings are an essential part of realising the desired growth of KSE and step by step getting the company ready for the future.”

5 year plan

The new assembly hall is part of a 5-year plan, after which the complete range of new buildings need to be ready. In the following phases, 2 new offices will be built and an optimisation of the current building will take place. All stages are set out in a master plan, ensuring the development will be well thought out along with the company.

The current building is situated at a location with enough space for the new buildings. This allows the company to remain based in the technological area called Brainport, where Smart Industry plays an increasingly important role. A perfect breeding ground for KSE to continue to develop both technologically and organisationally.

Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor