Lesaffre opens new spray dryer for parietal yeast fractions

23-04-2015 | |
Lesaffre plant
Lesaffre plant

On April 23rd, Lesaffre officially opened a third spray drying tower for Safmannan at its Bio Springer site in Strasbourg, France.

This new spray drying installation is used for the drying of Safmannan, a parietal yeast fraction (cell wall) used in animal feed. This product is part of the Phileo Lesaffre Animal Care portfolio, part of the Lesaffre. The two existing spray dryers are used for drying yeast fraction (cell lumen) for use in the food and biotechnology industries.

The new installation, including the packaging line, required an investment of €7 million. It has a capacity to produce 500 kilogram Safmannan per hour (24/7 with 5 shifts). The raw materials (yeast cream) for this parietal yeast fraction are sourced from a sister company located next to the Bio Springer plant. At Bio Springer the cell wallscare separated from the cell lumen (by autolyse). The insoluble fraction is then spray dried into a fine powder. The latter used to be outsourced for Safmannan. “Now with this new installation we have the complete processing of the parietal yeast fraction in control. We are very happy with this,” explained Justine Cau from Phileo Lesaffre Animal Care.

Phileo Lesaffre Animal Care sees great potential for growth in the use of yeast in animal feed and aims to have the parietal yeast fraction as a standard ingredient in animal diets. Safmannan is known for its active compounds (mannans and beta glucans). These give animals natural protection against the risk of disease by trapping certain pathogens and toxin bacteria that are responsible for disease.

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Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor