Low water measurements GMP+ remain in effect

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Low water measurements GMP+ remain in effect
Low water measurements GMP+ remain in effect

The temporary measures for GMP+ feed transport regarding low water levels in European rivers will remain in effect for now, says GMP+ International.

Due to low water levels in rivers, lakes and canals in Northwest Europe, a temporary shortage of GMP+ FSA certified storage and transport capacity may arise. Mid-November, GMP+ International implemented temporary measures in consultation with its partners.These measures state that, only under strict conditions it is possible to use non-GMP+ certified transport via road, water and of non-GMP+ FSA certified storage.

What is the situation now?

Important conditions of the temporary measures are:

  • These measures may only be used in case of an acute problem as a result of low water levels.
  • These measures may only be used in case of an actual shortage of GMP+ FSA certified transport and / or storage capacity.
  • Every company must be able to demonstrate this to the auditor (also in hindsight) during the next audit.
  • Every company that uses or has used these temporary measures, must notify the relevant Certification Body and GMP+ International. This means that companies that are currently applying this protocol and that have not reported this, must do so immediately. You can notify GMP+ International via info@gmpplus.org or via the contact form on the website. This information will also be shared with the relevant Certification Body.
  • Failure to notify or incorrectly implementing the temporary measures, will be sanctioned in accordance with the stipulations of the GMP+ FC scheme.

GMP+ International consulted about these measures with partners involved. Important items that were discussed are whether these measures being applied and if the water levels meanwhile as such that the measures can be revoked. Based on the information available, it was decided that the measures will remain in effect for now.

The next evaluation of the temporary measures

Together with the partners involved, GMP+ International will continuously monitor the situation. As soon as all problems, caused by the low water level, are resolved these temporary measures will immediately be limited or terminated. Mid-January, the next evaluation will take place.

Source: GMP+ International

Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor
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