Miratorg increases feed production through efficiency

04-03-2015 | |
Miratorg increases feed production through efficiency

Miratorg, Russia’s largest feed producer announced that it has increased its daily production of feed. By implementing a new efficiency programme the company increased its production capacity to 2,460 tonnes an increase of 3.5%.

Prokhorovsky feed mills were commissioned in 2011 and 2012 and have the annual capacity of 900,000 tonnes of feed per year. Almost all of the feed production from the division is going to meet the demand of locally-based pig farms of Miratorg. The current efficiency improving programme, provides an increase of pelleted feed in the total structure of production, according to the report.

Improving feed production capacity and quality

“Miratorg is a leading producer of meat and feedstuff production in Russia and one of the first in the country to implement an integrated system in order to improve efficiency in all of the company’s divisions. The system is focused on continuous improvement of product quality, with the reduction of losses and production expenses” stated the official report from the company.

“Thanks to the professional work of the staff and reduction of the production costs we managed to achieve such a productive result. Principles of the new production system: continuous improvement of productivity, economical use of resources and reduction of operation costs. The most difficult task was to change the mentality of employees, their attitude to their jobs and manufacturing process. But we managed to do it” commented General Director of Prokhorovsky feed division Andrey Polyakov.

Vladislav Vorotnikov Eastern European correspondent