Mispol acquires Czech pet food company

04-09-2007 | |
Mispol acquires Czech pet food company

Mispol, a producer of pate and tinned meat, is to take over a Czech pet food company, KSK Bono, along with its three subsidiaries: Popular, Bono Servis and Bono Polska. In total the transaction will be worth PLN 36m (€9.5m).

KSK Bono is considered to be a leading Czech pet food producer. Mispol, after
establishing its facilities in Suwalki, has also become involved in producing
pet food. Through the acquisition, the company will now be able to increase its
production capacity.

Marek Piatkowski, the president of the board of
Mispol, said that taking over KSK Bono will enable the company to expand on the
Central and Eastern European market. Mispol intends to exploit Bono’s extensive
trade contacts with retail chains and traditional shops in the Czech Republic
and Slovakia in order to launch its brands on these markets.

KSK Bono
netted PLN 1.2m (€0.3m) in 2006, and its revenues came to PLN 64.8m (€17m). The
company intends to double its net profit and earn revenues of about PLN 71.7m
(€18.9m) at the end of this year. Mispol, by comparison, reported revenues of
PLN 100.6m (€26.5m) and a net profit of PLN 8.2m (€2.2m) last year. In addition
to the Czech producer, Mispol plans to take over another company, but the
management has not yet identified it.

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