New feed for Norwegian salmon market

18-04-2016 | |
New feed for Norwegian salmon market
New feed for Norwegian salmon market

Cargill has launched two new salmon feed innovations. One is aimed at good growth and healthy fish and the other feed aims to shorten the production time.

The two new feed formulations (EWOS SOLID and EWOS EXTRA) are important parts of a grower feed program based on the EWOS COMPASS biological model for designing the optimal feed. This model takes into consideration temperature, geography, season, salmon prices and raw material prices.  The feeds – available exclusively in Norway – help ensure that customers receive the optimal feed for their location and production strategy.

“We now see that there is a need for new grower feeds in the market in order to meet customers’ different requirements and production strategies,” Synne Marte Andersen, product manager grower feed explains, “One and the same feed can’t be the best at everything. That is why we now want to differentiate, so that our customers have more freedom to select feeds based on their own needs and challenges. That means they will have more room to adjust growth upwards or downwards to exploit the MPB (maximum permitted biomass) to the best advantage.”

EWOS SOLID is an effective feed for good growth and healthy fish. In EWOS SOLID, our newest technology allows us to use raw materials and proper nutritional balance to build an effective feed. EWOS SOLID is designed to give the smallest production cost per kilo fish, and has high focus on use of cost effective raw materials. It is built on our knowledge of varying nutritional needs through the production cycle. EWOS EXTRA is a high-performance feed that shortens the production time. The feed is composed of modern raw materials that are sustainable and less subject to big price fluctuations. At the same time, it is optimised and produced to take account for faster growth, as growth is the most important success factor in today’s market situation. Micronutrients have also been added to the feed, as well as a heightened level of antioxidants to ensure the right utilisation of nutrients as well as good fish health.

Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor