New fish feed plant for Graintec

01-07-2016 | |
New fish feed plant for Graintec. Photo: Graintec
New fish feed plant for Graintec. Photo: Graintec

Following its success with huge orders from earlier, Graintec has secured a large design and supply order for a new fish feed factory. The company Marine Harvest Scotland Ltd. is going to build Europe´s most modern salmon feed plant – a high technology factory on the Isle of Skye, where Denmark-based Graintec A/S stands for the project design.

The new factory is going to produce 170,000 tons a year. With a total contract value of about €33.5 million, the project is the 2nd largest order in Graintec’s history. High technology is going to play a central role and with the current trend for sustainability and organic food, the factory will meet many different demands. Fish feed for different sized salmon can be produced (both starter and grower fish) and there will be organic feed production. The technology that is implemented by Graintec will include a new solution for grinding and will focus on energy recovery, which is one of the areas the Danish company with subsidiaries on several continents has specialised in.

“We are world leaders with regard to the production process of salmon food, meaning that there is a 67% chance that the salmon you buy in the store has been fed with food from a production plant where Graintec in one way or other has been involved in,” says CEO Niels Pedersen. “We did it again, and look forward to extend our good collaboration and the works on the Kyleakin project,” he says proudly, referring to 2012, where Graintec received its biggest design order, a feed factory for the Norwegian Marine Harvest ASA with a contract sum of about €36 million.

Graintec has specialised in eco-friendly production facilities for extruded fish feed and pet food. The company executes projects, designs and installs production plants, and acts further as consultants in the field. Efficiency and responsibility for the environment, as well as hygiene and research within the field are key matters for Graintec. Due to a focused and customer-oriented approach, Graintec has been able to triple the yearly turnover to an average €39 million over a 3-year period.

The state-of-the-art feed plant placed in Kyleakin, on the Scottish Isle of Skye, is going to produce feed for Scotland and other Marine Harvest sites in the North Atlantic region. Further development on the site is depending on the coming construction permits. Planning permission is expected later this year and commercial production will start in summer 2018.

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Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor