New online tool to test pellet quality factors

08-10-2014 | |
New online tool to test pellet quality factors
New online tool to test pellet quality factors

Borregaard LignoTech has launched an online tool that will enable feed producers to calculate how well a raw material will pellet.

It is well known that various raw materials have a different effect both on pellet quality and throughput. Therefore, changes in formulations might dictate adjustments in operating conditions, like steam pressure, meal temperature, energy input, inclusion of pellet binders etc.

The tool is the online version of a model, developed more than twenty years ago. The Feed Pellet Quality Factor (FPQF) is a model that calculates how well a feed formulation will pellet. The level of acceptability is the feed producer’s own decision and will depend on market area, production constraints, feed type, availability of raw materials etc.

Borregaard LignoTech sees 4.7 as a ‘reference’ FPQF-value. A FPQF below 4.7 usually means pellet quality problems, unless a higher than normal amount of electrical energy is used.  A FPQF above 4.7 indicates that there is room to lift/increase production capacity.

The company is now launching an online FPQF calculator, which feed producers can use to calculate and save the FPQF of their various feeds. Registration is free – and a personalised login makes it possible to calculate the FPQF for an unlimited number of formulations and view or edit these whenever you want to.

Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor