New petfood filling machine nearly ready

28-08-2007 | |

Horizontal form, fill, seal (FFS) machinery manufacturer Bossar says a new petfood filling machine currently nearing completion at its Barcelona factory can package dry dog, cat and rabbit food into 50 – 1,500g capacity pre-made pouches with zippers.

Bossar claims to
be the only company able to offer the choice of two different pouch transport
technologies: walking beam and carousel.

Among the benefits are a “no
pouch, no fill” facility, and synchronisation to scales, printers and zipper
opening and closing systems.

The GMB machine’s carousel pouch transport
system is especially designed for customers seeking fast packaging of solids in
large format packs.

Working closely with film manufacturers, Bossar can
now also offer FFS machines able to create retortable packs alongside its
existing pre-made pouch equipment.

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