New software for better performance of feed plants

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New software for better performance of feed plants
New software for better performance of feed plants

A new way to manage and control production in the form of new software will ensure a more competitive position in the international market for food processing plants. Wish.NET combines technology, performance, flexibility and innovation, which will help increase production while reducing the costs associated with feed manufacturing.

As an industry expert for over 10 years, Mr Albert Müller has seen the shortcomings faced by producers and decided to design a software that offers them centralised information necessary for the production and control equipment in one system, based on improved technology and ensuring the continued growth and long-term improvement .

Return on investment guarantee

This new way to control and manage the production, in addition to providing better performance, reduce production errors and provides better quality control. The technology used for the traceability of production data provides maximum control and allows the production of customized reports to meet current and future food security standards. This investment in technology will not only enable return on investment but will also allow a longer life cycle of the product.

Eliminates dependency and monopoly

The Manufacturing Execution FeedMatik Software is an integrated, automated, turnkey system. This software has been designed to provide customers with sustainable growth without creating dependency for the maintenance and alteration with the option «WISH Studio»:
WISH Studio is a great innovation in embedded systems. This tool, available as an option with FeedMatik solution allows the user to diagnose and modify the systems without intervention from software provider.

System prices are very competitive and the company offers a great novelty for plants with systems that are no longer supported by their manufacturers. To all to whom the systems are no longer supported, MJ Feed Mill Systems offers data migration and replacement of the system to ensure continuity of service.

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