Nominations for the 2016 All About Feed award

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Nominations for the 2016 All About Feed award
Nominations for the 2016 All About Feed award

The nominations for the All About Feed/FIAAP Animal Nutrition Award are there! The winner will be announced during the award ceremony at the upcoming Victam Asia. Here we present a short preview (in alphabetical order) of the nominated products.

Beijing Winovazyme Biotech Co., Ltd.

Launched in 2015, the Chinese company Beijing Winovazyme Biotech enters the competition with its β-mannanase product. This natural product is fermented from Bacillus lentus strain and can resist high temperature of 85℃ and high pressure during feed pelleting. The enzyme is released rapidly and performs effectively in animal gastrointestinal tract. This product can degrade the anti-nutritive β-mannans in soybean meal and other feed materials (palm kernel meal, copra meal, and sesame meal) and helps reduce energy loss.


Animal nutrition company Biomin has launched Mycofix® 5.0, which contains the only three EU authorized feed additives proven to adsorb harmful mycotoxins or to biotransform mycotoxins into nontoxic metabolites. 5.0 stands for the fifth generation of Mycofix®, meaning the formulation of the Mycofix® product line is fully revamped. It has been optimized in order to boost effectiveness in the field. Mycofix® 5.0 was successfully introduced to the Asian market in March 2015.

Daynew Bio-technology Co., Ltd.

In aquatic animals, the gastro intestinal tract is the first immune barrier between the animals and the environment, and therefore plays an important role in immunity. DayHealth is a product for aquaculture, developed by Daynew Bio-technology, which increases the height and density of intestinal microvilli, improving aquatic animal feed utilization rate. In addition, it promotes the intestinal beneficial microflora, to maintain the intestinal micro-ecology and strengthens the immune barrier of the intestine and liver, to improve ability of disease resistance and immunity.


Belgium company Huvepharma is nominated for their Huvematic® concept. This concept is based on two innovations. First there is the production of highly concentrated enzyme powders (60-100 x higher concentrated than the normal commercially available ones), which are instant water soluble and at the same time have a shelf life of at least one year. Secondly, there is the development of the Huvematic, a machine which dissolves these enzymes into water at the feed factory (production of batches of 5 or 10 litres), for immediately spraying onto the feed which is previously heat treated (post pelleting / post extrusion application).


KEMZYME XPF is an enzyme product from Kemin, aimed to leverage carbohydrate metabolism. The use of appropriate enzymes can leverage maximum energy from animal feed and hence increase efficiency and profitability for poultry producers. KEMZYME XPF contains xylanase potentiating factor (XPF), slow release amylase (SRA) and other NSP enzymes. XPF acts in synergy with xylanase and other NSP enzymes in breakdown of NSP content in animal feed and SRA is available throughout the intestine for effective starch digestion. Adding this enzyme product to the diet therefore helps birds to utilize more energy from animal feed, break down diverse sources of fibre in feed and ensures better and uniform growth by simultaneous breakdown of starch, NSP and other trapped nutrients.

KSE Process Technology

Also nominated is the expanded version of the ALFRA Automatic Container Transport System (ACT) by KSE Process Technology in the Netherlands. Previously the ACT could only be used for the transportation from dosing and weighing systems to a mixer and from the mixer to packaging machines or bulk loading. The transport of bulk bags or bags to silos has been added in the shape of the Silo Filling Unit. Furthermore, contamination can be eliminated with the ACT. Contamination is a major drawback with conventional transport using elevators, chains or pneumatic transport. Due to increasingly stringent requirements contamination levels must be reduced. Transport takes place within the system via containers, which significantly reduces contamination levels. The ACT is extremely robust with low maintenance and running costs and has over 20-years operational life.

Meghraj International

Roasted Guar Korma is a 100% vegetable protein source with very high protein content around 55%-60% and can be used as a feed ingredient for all animal species. According to Meghraj International, the producer of the product, it is an excellent protein source and alternative for soybean meal, which also naturally removes infections from animal body by acting as natural MOS.

Soon Soon Oilmills Sdn Bhd

Another alternative for soybean meal has been marketed by Soon Soon Oilmills. Presently the most likely candidates to replace soybean meal are canola, sunflower and cottonseed meals as they are available in reasonable quantities and have protein levels comparable to soybean meal. However normal canola meal has low AME of 2000 kcal/kg (NRC 1994) and its digestible amino acid about 10% lower than soybean meal. Soon Soon has therefore launched an improved version canola meal called High Efficiency HiFat Canola meal. This is a non-solvent extract product which contains no chemical residue. It is a high protein and high oil protein meal which contains a minimum of 12% oil and 30% protein.

Synbio Tech Inc

Synbio Tech is nominated for SYNLAC™ II, a direct fed microbial and made up of LAP5 for preventing diarrhoea, LP28 for immunomodulation, EF08 for synergistic effects with good bacteria, and Bacillus subtilis for secreting a variety of digestive enzymes. Furthermore, the strains are stable at room temperature and its cell count is high up to 10 billion CFU per gram, which can improve animal health and increase farmer’s profits. The product was introduced to the duck farming sector at the end of 2014 and shows promise as a good alternative for antibiotic growth promoters in this sector.

All the nominees can be recognised by a nominee sign on their booth at Victam Asia.

The award ceremony of the All About Feed/FIAAP Animal Nutrition Award is scheduled for the celebration evening (7 pm) on Tuesday March 29 in hall EH 102 (next to Victam showgrounds). The award ceremony will be done after the welcome speech. Nominated companies are requested to reserve their seats for this evening in the exhibitor manual.

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