Nuscience acquires Brazilian Nutrifarma

30-04-2015 | |
Nuscience acquires Brazilian Nutrifarma
Nuscience acquires Brazilian Nutrifarma

Nuscience has acquired the Brazilian company Nutrifarma, a provider of premixes, concentrates, specialty feeds, additives and services. This acquisition provides Nuscience with a stronger foothold in the Brazilian market.

Nutrifarma is located in the important livestock production area of Southern Brazil. With the headquarters in Taió (Santa Catarina) and production units in Maripá (Paraná) and Teutônia (Rio Grande do Sul) Nutrifarma efficiently covers this large territory. The recently built production facilities provide a strong growth potential.

Patrick Keereman, CEO of the Nuscience Group says, “We are delighted to close this deal with Nutrifarma”. Founded in 1999 and owned by Alfonso Corral, Evaristo Varela from Spain and Fernando Eluchans from Argentina, Nutrifarma has a very comparable strategy to the Nuscience Group.

Nutrifarma’s track record on growth is similar to Nuscience’s and the company is ready to make the next step. Nutrifarma has a management team under the lead of Maria Corral and they will continue to manage the company within the Nuscience Group.

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