Nutriad joins Andalusian Aquaculture Tech Center

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Nutriad joins Andalusian Aquaculture Tech Center
Nutriad joins Andalusian Aquaculture Tech Center

Global feed additives producer Nutriad has joined the board of trustees of the Andalusian Aquaculture Technology Center (CTAQUA). The Spanish non-profit organisation (CTAQUA) founded in 2007, focuses on specific innovation needs of the aquaculture and seafood sectors.

The scientific collaboration between Nutriad and CTAQUA includes contract research in the area of applied nutrition and fish disease prevention under lab conditions as well as follow up of specific trials in fish farms.

Its members are made up of aquaculture farmers, feed companies and other industry related enterprises (around 80%). Universities as well as regional governmental institutions are also part of CTAQUA. The facilities, located in Puerto de Santa Maria (Cadiz/Spain),  hold a range of wet laboratories, microbiology and pathology labs, equipment for analytical work and seafood transformation.

Optimising application of feed additives

Nutriad is actively collaborating with CTAQUA since 2008 in a broad range of research projects. These projects aim to optimise the application of feed additives in Mediterranean aquaculture species such as Gilthead seabream and European seabass. “Before entering the market, our feed additives have proven their efficacy under conditions which are directly relevant to the producer in terms of feed formulation, feed processing and species. Through our cooperation with CTAQUA we are able to guarantee  continuous relevant research for the industry”  says Dr Peter Coutteau, manager of Nutriad’s Business Unit Aquaculture.

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