Nutrition and (hot) climate course in poultry

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Nutrition and (hot) climate course in poultry
Nutrition and (hot) climate course in poultry

Wageningen University are running a course in October 2014 which will focus on the basic aspects of nutrition and acclimation physiology and the interaction between the impact of climate conditions on nutrition and the nutritional requirements of poultry.

The course  is aimed at professionals working as a nutritionist, advisor, veterinarian, manager, teacher, researcher. But also other professionals involved in poultry production or from the (supplying) industry or government are welcome in this course.

Participants are assumed to have a basic knowledge of feedstuffs and diet formulation, and the principles of the chemical and biological evaluation of feedstuffs in an agricultural context.

The course includes a variety of presentations spread over two consecutive days. The topics are introduced by different experts and there will be an ample opportunity for discussion.

In this course we will cover to the following topics:

  • Interaction of climate and nutrition (and immunology)
  • Thermoregulation and physiological responses upon climate stress
  • Effect of climate on protein and energy metabolism and utilization
  • Chick development and early management in relation to (hot) climate
  • Nutrition and ingredients in hot climate
  • Heat stress in laying hens
  • The role of nutrition and climate on metabolic disturbances

The course will cost  €1395, this includes tuition, course materials, coffee / tea, lunches and dinner.

All presentations and documentation will be in English. To register for the course click here.

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