Orffa’s joint venture with Misma to serve Russian market

30-06-2014 | |
Orffa’s joint venture with Misma to serve Russian market

Orffa International, European based feed additive supplier is proud to announce that it has appointed the company “Misma” as their only official importer for Russia and Belarus.

The main objective of this collaboration is to introduce the product range of Orffa in the Russian feed market. This product range consists primarily of Orffa’s premium vitamin brands, offered as ORFFA Vitamin products, and Orffa’s in house developed feed specialty products, marketed under the brand name of Excentials.

The appointment of Misma is congruent with Orffa’s strategy of global expansion. It allows Orffa to have a foothold in the Russian market, which is believed to be one of the fastest growing markets for feed and meat production in the years ahead.

Misma is the right partner for this strategy, seen its reactivity, logistic capabilities, technical and commercial strengths and its outstanding market penetration.

Orffa and Misma are in the process of registering all major products of Orffa. Most Vitamins have already been registered; some others are still in the process of registration. Alongside the vitamins, Orffa and Misma are registering some of the most promising specialty feed additives developed by Orffa, the approval for some of these has already been obtained.
For more information, please contact

Orffa: Wesley Merkx – Merkx@orffa.com – www.orffa.com

Misma: info@misma.pro – www.misma.pro

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