Perten establishes sales and service operations in Italy

02-06-2011 | |

Perten Instruments with its unique analytical solutions and products, has supplied close to 1000 different analytical instruments to the Grain, Milling & Food Industry in Italy. To deepen the relationships with Italian customers, Perten now establishes its own sales and service operations based in Rome.

“We have been represented very successfully by Esetek for many years” says Bengt Sahlin, VP Sales & Marketing at Perten Instruments AB, Sweden. “At this time we launch several advanced analytical products including On-line NIR, a new Rapid Visco Analyser model, and the Inframatic 9500 Wholegrain NIR. By establishing Perten Italia we will be better placed to introduce them to our Italian customers”.
Edoardo Cardinale and his staff will continue to serve their customers, now as part of Perten Italia. “We have worked with our customers for years, and consider many of them as friends.” says Cardinale. “We look forward to continuing the relationships, now through Perten Italia.”

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